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Nepali for Slowly Slowly

"that does not mean that the artist lived in a calm and untroubled world...but what they brought to their painting was the quietude in the deepest core of their souls, like the calm spot in the very heart of a whirlpool" - Chinese Art by Judith and Arthur Hart Burling



"I want so much to tell you that this body of work was created with a full heart and clear mind.. and whilst those moments were experienced many times throughout, depression had up until recently consumed every good part of me. For the past several years I had danced with the darkness, I had wandered down many paths in search of a cure, relief, or perhaps simply hoping to outrun it leaving it behind, somewhere along the way. 


And now I presently ponder depression remission, recovery, and I ponder if depression is a choice...

I had abruptly come out of it for the most and I had no idea what next.. How do I live this "way"? And how can I sustain this way? And how do I be this way?

In 2018 I signed up for a trek in Nepal, Mt Everest base camp was the end destination and I figured being the highest point in the world, surely some answers were to be found? As it turned out there was so much more given, and so much more received... I found answers there, I found questions there too, and more woes.. but I came back with fresh eyes, an immature way and a heart that started too, in slithers of moments, take charge.

The pieces below are fragments captured in time, melded together, covered over, freed. Created using an experiential practice with materials and finishes in mind, I wanted these pieces to reflect and mimic life itself. The unknown, the raw grunge beauty patina, the ageing facade, and hopefully an enlightened evolving interior.."

It's a raw and revealing process. It rips you out of your comfort zone and forces you to see yourself in unexpected ways."

I followed the mantra

Choose the webbs you weave

Age Grace Fully




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